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The 5 Most Memorable Draft Day Salads

With the NHL Draft set to take place every year we decided to take a look back at some of the most memorable flow of the draft day festivities.

First we bring you The Sultan of Salad, one Radek “Excuse me, Flow?” Bonk. This exact picture could have been the inspiration for the phrase “A picture says a 1000 words”. There are legitimately no combination of words in the English language that can do Bonk’s hair justice, but I’ll do my best.  Now I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no…No that is not actually a small American Cocker Spaniel tied to the back of his head. However I imagine Bonker used to wake up every morning put a leash on that thing and take it for a walk. Now onto the sideburns, or therefore lack of–Bonker’s lack of sideburns looks like he was on the wrong end of a freak Nair infomercial accident. None the less we salute Radek Bonk, it takes a true weapon to walk out there on stage during the biggest day of your life with a set of hair that could stop a clock.

Now we bring you Dany “Curly Fries” Heatley holding it down for the cabbage patch. Personally I’m pretty impressed, it was nice to see Dany sporting a fresh perm, he really went the extra mile on this one and brought some straight fire to Draft Day 2001. One thing that does stand out  is the uncanny resemblance to a young Carrot Top, the whole gap tooth curly Afro was a bold move but clearly it paid off–I mean he did have 50 in 07.

Now entering the ring, Jumbo Joe Thornton or should I say Jumbo Flow Thornton. Looking back at this Draft Day it’s become apparent that Thorts was way ahead of the curve, he was bringing some serious confidence to this day. He knew Boston was picking number 1 and he was so confident in being picked first overall by Boston that he went ahead and brought his own salad, since he was heading to the Boston Garden. Now I’m no talent scout or actor agent but if Matthew McConaughey ever need s stunt double, Jumbo Flow is right here. See that smile on his face, that’s the smile of a man who just  finished up a 1970′s Dazed and Confused inspired paddling of the late round rookies backstage. Alright alright alright.


“No one remembers Number 2″ The most memorable quote in NHL Draft Day history. This quote was famously spouted out of the mouth of 1st overall bust Alexandre Daigle. A player who was one of the biggest busts of all time saying “No one remembers who came in second”  when in fact that man who was chosen 2nd was future NHL Hall Of Famer Chris Pronger. Now onto the flow, or should I say Loaf. Pronger must have been a baker in his past life because he looks like he woke up that morning and pulled a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven and gently rested it upon his head. In retrospect looking at this picture, Pronger should have chucked up the deuces to his barber that morning and asked for a Number 2 instead.

Finally we bring you The Minnesota Mullet– Mike Modano. Mike really threw the kitchen sink at it that year, He brought everything you’d hope and wish for in a late 1980′s draft day. Pregame Presser in the front Post Game Celly in the back. He delicately catches your eye with some frosted tips that make Tony The Tiger and the rest of the Frosted Flakes organization jealous. Without hesitation and with a complete disregard for all eyeballs in the room he seamlessly transitions to a majestic waterfall flow in the back. 1988 Mike Modano was truly something of legend, a wild animal best suited for the cover of a National Geographic magazine.

There you have it, the most memorable, tricked out, sloppy salads NHL Draft Day has ever seen. Let’s hope that this year a true beaut will step up to the plate, bring some heat and give us all something to talk about for years to come. Keep Calm and Flow On.