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5 Best Things Everyone Should Do on St. Paddy's Day

One of the greatest festivities every year for hockey players is hands down St. Patrick’s Day; a day to honor the Irish folks and their heritage and culture. Although this day does recognize the Irish past, it is often simply an excuse to let loose and unwind. Celebrated on March 17th, St. Paddy’s Day is known to be an awesome shaker for all, whether Irish or not.


The most important thing that you can do on St. Paddy’s Day is ensure that you are wearing something green, if not everything green. Find a sweet tarp, or a unique lid, and make sure that you fit in on this crazy day. The fun in dressing up is that it results in everyone trying to one-up each other, trying to put together the most outrageous outfit. Of course, we are going to advise you mix in one or more items from our unique St. Paddy’s-themed collection, but we will let you make that call.



Alright, this might be the most challenging of your must-dos but trust us when we tell you that if there’s a St. Paddy’s Day parade close by, you are not going to want to miss it. You’re already dressed to fit in, so what better way to kick off your day then hitting up a parade filled with music, floats and incredible sites that are all centered around the theme of having an unreal time. Can you even imagine the crowd? There really isn’t much else to say here; just find one and thank us later!




Once you’re locked in with a sharp outfit, and you’ve spent some time at the parade, you are definitely going to want to make your way to an Irish pub. What better place could there be to visit on St. Paddy’s Day, then a watering hole filled with like-minded folks looking to have a good time? Surely everyone who attended the parade is going to be thirsty as well, so get there quick and wait for the others to catch up. Find the closest karaoke machine or jukebox, toss on some classic Irish tunes and have the whole bar hollering all afternoon! If you don’t have an Irish pub in your town or city, look one up in a town nearby and make the trip, it will definitely be worth your while.


So, you’ve made it to an Irish pub, you’ve integrated with some of the Irish descendants and you’ve sang a few tunes; now it's time to track down a green beer. Listen, we know that most places just add a touch a food coloring to their standard house beer to make it more festive, but who cares? It’s all about buying into the festivities, so try one just to say you have. And if for whatever reason the Irish pub doesn’t have a green beer on tap, mix in the next best option, and questionably the more traditional Irish drink – a Guinness. This dark Irish dry stout isn’t made for the weak, so at the very least make an effort and put yourself to the test or share one with a friend, and be able to say that you did St. Paddy’s day the right way.



Okay, we may have lied earlier. This might in fact be the toughest challenge on the list. But let’s be honest, after the day you’ve had up to this point, gathering the troops and going on a journey to find the coveted pot of gold would be an absolute time. And whether you find it or not, the experience with your friends will definitely be a story to tell those who missed out on this wild day.
In all seriousness, St. Patrick’s Day is always an amazing time with friends, family, or whoever you choose to spend it with. But ensure that you’re safe and responsible while you’re out there ripping it up. Take care of your fellow Gongers and have a time for us!