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Best Hockey Names of All Time

When you think hockey it’s inevitable that the names like Gretzky, Lemieux and Howe come to mind. However the hockey world has seen its fair share of hockey players whose names sound like they were sent down from the hockey gods themselves.

5. Chris Clapperton- First things first we had to give mention to the lad who inspired this countdown. A recent draft pick of the Florida Panthers Clapperton currently plays in the QMJHL. With a name that sounds like he should have been a character in the Mighty Ducks I don’t think much else needs to be said other than—the guy’s last name is Clapperton. Better believe this guy tickles the rafters when he goes down for a Clap Bomb.

4. Dean Youngblood- A mention had to go to the original pretty boy rookie cake eater himself—Deanerrrr!! With a last name like Youngblood you have to believe this guy was built to be that talented cocky rook that we’ve all known at some point.

3. Johnny Quick- Could there be any better name for a goalie? Unless Johnny Quick spends the off season being a frontier gunslinger in the southwest I can’t imagine a better calling for his name than NHL goalie.

2. Jeff Beaukeboom- Giving new meaning to lowering the boom, Jeff Beaukeboom was a monster who lived up to his name. At 6 foot 5, 230lbs he could have easily been a duel threat and played Tight End for the Giants in his spare time.

1. Gunner Stahl- He’s so fancy, he goes glove. Quite possibly the best hockey name ever spoken. Gunner Stahl was a menacing Euro who was blessed with a name that would give any tender snipemares.