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Gongshow Saucer King Game: Official Rules of Play

GONGSHOW Saucer King Official Rules of Play


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In 2010 during the Gongshow Off Season Training Video Shoot with all our hockey buddies on the beach screwing around, a game was invented to kill time and huck a little sauce: we called it Gongshow Saucer King….turns out it’s a unreal game for hockey players to mess around in the off season and you can play it anywhere – on the beach, back yard, the street, or at a party. Since we posted the rules of play the game has taken off around the world, especially in Canada and the US 


Players:  Saucer King can be played 1 vs 1 or it can be played as teams (2 vs 2) – rules are the same for both singles and doubles.

Equipment:  Each player needs a twig and two pucks, one patented sauce net on each side and one launch pad to huck sauce!    Note, that besides twigs the Official Saucer King Game kit provides all the gear you need to play – be the hero of your next party with this unreal game set! Buy it here 

Rule #1

Distance – distance is flexible, we recognize that not everyone has a corn field like “Field Of Dreams” behind their house, so use your discretion here fellas – to increase difficulty, make the distance between the two nets further apart.  As you go further. the obstacle in the middle can become higher – and vice versa if you make the game closer.  To decide who shoots first, the players take turns saucing pucks back and forth until one of them gets it in the net (as a general rule, if one team is wearing GONGSHOW he automatically goes first – if both teams are you must have a shoot off).

Rule #2

Player must always serve up a  distinct saucer pass – no flipping the pucks etc – don’t be a plug.  If the puck does not hit the platform first or go directly into the net – the goal does NOT count.

Rule #3

Each time you score a goal, you get a letter – the word is G-O-N-G-S-H-O-W that you must spell out to win the game.  Basically it takes 8 goals to win GONGSHOW Saucer King.  You must win by 2 snipes, if you are tied the 2nd word begins of SAUCER and KING etc until a winner is proclaimed.

Rule #4

If playing Doubles (2 on 2) each player takes one shot.  Example.  Team GONGSHOW player #1 shoots, and then team Gongshow Player #2 shoots. You can potentially score 2 goals in one shooting if your good.

Variation – you can play BackHanded Saucer King – which is obviously allot harder and requires more skill.

Check out this nasty sauce kit setup right here:– you get everything you need to open the box and start playing!  2 launch pads, 4 pucks, 2 patented PuckCatcher hockey nets, and the official rules of play – all shipped right to your door! Watch our for imitations, only trust the original and official Saucer King Game from GONGSHOW!