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The 4 Types of Tape Jobs

The Sock

Description: A complete covering of the entire blade by white tape. If done correctly there will be no visible blade peeking out from the tape. Often a pair of scissors is needed to complete the look and trim off the extra overhang off the toe. When completed it should look similar to a sock that’s covering the blade of your stick.

More than just an accessory to your stick, the sock is a work of art. A meticulous process of preparation. A full blown way of life on the ice and off of it. The Sock is complete mastery of the tape roll on every level; strip width, wrinkle factor and symmetry. Only an all-around grand master of the tape roll can pull off one of these bad boys.

The Toe Nail

Description: A complete wrapping of the toe of your blade that ends abruptly in the middle of the blade. The heel is shown no love and is completely left out in the cold.

A distant cousin to The Sock, The Toe Nail is every bit as masterful and cheeky. Essentially it’s the sock but with a ¼ of the work. It’s for the player who wants a work of art but with far less substance, someone who likes to keep things lean and mean while staying tight to the toe.

The Band Aide

The Description: A few layers dead center of the blade, nothing more nothing less. Just a few friendly strips to let them know you’re there.

A quick fix that turned into a test of time. A last minute option that turned into a persisting priority. These three or four strips are all you have and all you need. At one it was just a band aide solution when you had come to the last bit of tape on your roll but now it’s a mainstay. It just kind of stuck around like an old college buddy that come over for a shaker and never left the couch for two weeks.

The Classic

Description: A straight up heel-2-toe that’s nothing but class. A little room left on the heel and a little room left at the toe. The Godfather of Tape Jobs.

A wiley old vet that’s seen just about everything a dressing room can throw at it. It’s seen the bottom of countless garbage cans, it’s been jammed in doors, used as a weapon and has seen countless hours on the road. The classic and timeless tape job that can be turned too in the most dark of times. Long scoring slump? Switch it up and move back to the old classic. Need a quick last minute tape job because you’re late for pracky? Fire a few passes of tape over the blade and hop on the ice.