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The Top 5 Hockey Pranks

With any good prank the first step is to find your victim, It could be a grizzled old vet or a brand new fresh off the practice squad rookie. No matter what the key to picking the right victim is all a matter of timing, this person has to be in the right mood and either needs to be taken down a peg or two or to be made to feel more a part of the squad through a little ribbing.

Tape On The Skate

A classic in every sense of the word. A prank that has been passed down from generation to generation.  No one really knows when it was invented but we can be rest assured it sent shock waves through dressing rooms all over the world. Like the rippling of the lake after a stone was tossed into it, the clear tape on the skate blade left no corner of the hockey world unaffected. One can only assume that this unbelievable yet easy and hilarious prank came to be at about the same time clear tape was making its way onto the hockey scene.

How It Works – Find someone who’s basically left their bag or better yet their wheels completely unattended. You will then proceed to rip off a nice small piece of clear tap and ever so gently snug it up right on the middle of his skate blade. Then get yourself a good seat, a bag of popcorn and get ready to watch this poor soul try and step on the ice.

First On The Ice

Another time honored tradition that has been making its way around the NHL as of late and one we get to see firsthand as the fans is the 1st on the ice prank. This happens when a new rookie is making his debut. What makes this prank so great is the fact that for the most part when a rookie is making his debut with a new team he wants to remain as low key as possible. As a rook you want to go out there, play a solid game and try to blend in with the rest of the squad. However fitting in is hard when you’re the only guy out on the ice when the team gets ready to drop the puck.

How It Works – When getting ready to head onto the ice for the start of the game one of the vets heads over to the new rookie about to make his debut and lets him know that he wants him to lead the team out there for the start of the game. As the crowd is going wild, the spotlights are on and the announcer is naming the squad you give him a little pat on the ass and tell him to get out there. Just as he starts heading down the tunnel the whole team stops short and lets the rook head out on the ice all by himself and take a couple laps, while the whole squad cracks up.

Cut Laces

This little gem is for those times when you really want to get back at someone. When you’ve been pranked hard and need to get back on even ground. It’s often saved for a practice in which you really don’t want to be late. So if you know the coach is in a bad mood or is looking to make an example out of someone this prank is the one for you.

How It works –As stated before this is best used as a revenge prank so you have to wait for your opportune moment, you might have to wait a whole season for this but it’ll be well worth it. Wait until your target leaves his wheels unattended and take a pair of the trainer’s scissors and cut a few little slits in the laces on both skates. Make sure you cut them near the top and just enough that they won’t notice the slices. Once he goes to tighten up his skates the laces will break forcing him to re -lace his skate costing him valuable time. Ideally he falls for it on both skates. You want this to take place before a practice where the coach is already in a bad mood and anyone who’s late to the ice will be getting a nice bag skate from him. If done correctly one of the best revenge pranks to be had.

The Back-Up Stick Break

Not quite as well known and classic as the other pranks but still just as good and the most hilarious of all. This prank is one where you have to know your target well. This one might cost you some money but it’s going to be well worth it. It was much more effective back in the day of wooden twigs but in this day and age you have to make it work.

How it Works-  Step one ,acquire appropriate target. Find the guy on the team who’s having a hard time with his shot, preferably someone who’s working on their slap shot. Tell them you have the perfect twig to get them out of their slump and help them get their shot ready. Before the next practice you have to grab a hack saw and take the old twig you have at home and place a small cut through the shaft just above the kick point. Bring it to practice and throw it on the bench. Then during the middle of practice when you see your target mess up his shot, fire over to the bench grab the twig and tell him to give it a go. Ham it up and tell him it fixed your shot back in your rookie season and you’ve held onto it ever since. Now sit back and wait for him to wind up for his first slap shot– only to have the stick absolutely explode in his hands and ideally send him face first into the ice.

The Goalie Cut

In the hockey prank world it’s tough to get at tenders but this might be the best one of all. Ever want to blow a puck right through the goalies glove? Well now you have the chance. This might cost you the re-stringing cost of the glove but it’s well worth it.

How it Works- This is along the same lines as cutting the skate laces but with a goalie twist. Once the tender on your team has left his catching glove unattended you’ll need to find a pair of scissors and go to town on the laces inside the pocket of his glove. Once practice starts be sure to let a few of the other guys know that you’re about to blow one right through the tenders glove. Come over the blue line and just rip one right into his glove and with any success you’ll go down as a legend—the guy who clap bombed one right through the tenders’ glove.