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Game 7 in the playoffs versus a rival team, and the team is firing on all cylinders. Heading into overtime there was no stopping you. As you pick up the puck just inside the blue line you make a quick cut to the middle and release the puck. Time seems to stand still and as you watch you shot beat the goalie and like a car crashing into a guardrail you see the puck bounce off the crossbar and into the net. Time to celebrate! As your team mobs you in the corner, one thing is clear in your mind, it’s time for a night on the town. And that means one thing - you need to add some class and personality to your wardrobe, and a pair of Men’s hockey shoes are your go-to. These hockey shoes are guaranteed to make you look good, feel good and wheel good, just like your overtime goal. Ice hockey shoes that are sure to bring people to their feet and be the center of attention wherever you go. Shoes for hockey players, by hockey players!


It’s your favorite night of the week: game night. As you prepare to watch the game from your couch, you throw on a few pieces of team apparel, but none more important than your team coloured GONGSHOW men’s hockey slippers. These slippers are a sure way to support your team wherever you go and a great way to keep your feet warm and comfy as you watch the game. From the time you walk into the house to the time you leave, you always have your hockey slip ons, supporting your team and looking like a legit beauty.